Tim Meakins is a Perth (Boorloo)
based Artist and Designer.


Muscle Beach

AGWA – Art Gallery of WA. Perth. 2021/22

Muscle Beach is a solo exhibition occupying AGWA’s new interior rooftop gallery, these figures offer a playful take on the culture of self-preening and physical development. They embody the lengths we go to in meeting improbable ideals, while also honouring the expressive capacity of cartoons and digital media to imagine strange new entities we might become. Without a trace of moralism, Muscle Beach is about the pleasure and problematics of holding an idea of who we are, and are yet to be, in one and the same thought, in one and the same flex.

Curated by: Robert Cook
Fabrication: Artcom
Documentation: Tim Palman & Bo Wong

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Outerspace. Brisbane. 2022

1 TONNE is a set of work which aims to challenge our preconceived notions of, what does 1000kg look like? Juxtaposing the traditional meaning of the one tonne symbol through inflatable form to create an airy, playful and bouncy presence. Whilst also paying homage to the symbols conventional connotations of weight, pressure and heavy force, through a 3D render print. These new works where created for the group show, Snapshot 2 held at Outerspace, Brisbane.

Creative Photography: James Caswell
Documentation: Louis Lim

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Large Jelly and Strawberry

Claremont. Perth. 2022

Large Jelly and Strawberry and newly commissioned works by the Town of Claremont. 
Both works aim to spread happiness and promotes being our authentic self. These works were inflated-deflated during the school holidays over a weekend in April 2022. 

Photography: Aaron Webber

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Low Energy

Cool Change Contemporary. Perth. 2019

Low Energy, is a collection of works that explore masculinity as a social construct. The exhibition aims to initiate open dialogue about social pressures and the repercussions our embedded desire to conform has on both our physical and mental state. This project has been supported by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.

Sculpture Fabrication: Artcom
Documentation: Ethan Blackburn

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Pump Iron Til' You Are Iron

Tribituary Projects. Canberra. 2021

Pump Iron ‘Til You Are Iron is a collection of works which aims to explore the relationship between the human body and, both the objects and process utilised to build body muscle. Through the work comparisons are drawn between the physical processes engaged to increase muscle mass and the resulting internal biological processes our body undertakes.

Sculpture Fabrication: Artcom
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