Tim Meakins is a Perth (Boorloo)
based Artist and Designer.


Big Flower

FOMO. Fremantle. 2022

Big Flower is a permanent work commissioned by Art Theory for FOMO Fremantle.  Big Flower is a bright and plump, inspiring character; beaming strength, power and positivity. The flower character pulls a big flex, stretching its limbs, embodying the human condition of growth.

Fabrication: Artcom
Documentation: Dion Robeson (First 2 Images)
Install Documentation: Aaron Webber

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Muscle Beach

AGWA – Art Gallery of WA. Perth. 2021/22

Muscle Beach is a solo exhibition occupying AGWA’s new interior rooftop gallery, these figures offer a playful take on the culture of self-preening and physical development. They embody the lengths we go to in meeting improbable ideals, while also honouring the expressive capacity of cartoons and digital media to imagine strange new entities we might become. Without a trace of moralism, Muscle Beach is about the pleasure and problematics of holding an idea of who we are, and are yet to be, in one and the same thought, in one and the same flex.

Curated by: Robert Cook
Fabrication: Artcom
Documentation: Tim Palman & Bo Wong

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ACTF – Crash Zone

Fitzroy, Melbourne. 2022

ACTF invited six Australian artists to create a new work based around their relationship with Australian kids’ TV and the culture of their formative years. This artwork is representative of Virgil the A.I. from Crash Zone, illustrating his ability to morph through technologies. 

Fabrication: Remington Matters & Case Frames
Documentation: Aaron Webber

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Hidden Nature/Things

Kwinana. Perth. 2022

Hidden Nature/Things is a project of newly commissioned works by the City Of Kwinana. Embark on an exploration of their local community to find figures of a new, strange ecosystem. Large Bushes, Worms and Body Building Ants will reveal themselves in your local park and showcase what our eyes dont usually see.

Fabrication: Artcom
Documentation: Aaron Webber

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Seoul. Korea. 2022

SQUASHED! is a new singular work created for OOPSeoul. Online and In Person iterations of this work was exhibited. It shows a figure being squashed by the weight of an oversized dumbbell,  held up by the figures head. With societies growing focus on physicality, SQUASHED! aims to light heartedly represent the idea of overcoming societal pressures.

Commissioned by AXOO Agency

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